About conference Grain&Maritime Days

On May, 30 – June, 1, 2019 the marine capital of Ukraine will become a center of grain trade and maritime industry!

Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa is the largest event of 18-year history, which combines interests of everyone engaged in grain and maritime industry, for unofficial business networking!

Every year, in May the event gathers 500+ delegates from 40 countries: key managers of the companies engaged in grain and maritime business.

Why Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa?

  • Time-proved effectiveness! Since 2002, the Ukrainian grain market has been developed jointly with APK-Inform grain conference organized by APK-Inform Agency in May, almost on the border of two grain seasons.
  • The conference days are the most favourable for summarizing the expiring grain season and forecasting the further one.
  • Each conference gathers 30+ speakers from the leading global analytical agencies, grain and maritime business experts, international trade and investment companies.
  • A solid information platform, under the results whereof each delegate has an opportunity for mini-research upon grain market and maritime industry, in the form of presentations.
  • A comfortable venue, facilitating interactive discussion of vital and acute issues of development of the global and the Ukrainian grain market, logistics and sea carriages.
  • Unofficial talks and positive emotions, both in the framework of the event and due to pleasant time spending in Odessa, the marine capital of Ukraine. 

Grain&Maritime Days is a 3-day EVENT

1st event - conference itself.

May, 30-31 – Grain&Maritime Days International Conference. Business case & networking.

Venue: Maristella Marine Residence (Bernardazzi street 2a)

Key theses of the conference:

  • In 2018, the Ukrainian record of grain & oilseed production was fixed: over 90 million tons, which resulted in formation of the largest export potential: over 50 million tons. Such potential realization causes global challenges for market players, due to increase in global competition and the need in search for new sale markets.
  • The principal global factor of the current and the further seasons is trade competition between the largest global economies: USA, China and EU, which have essential impact on countries with developing economy, jointly with changing the harvest global structure and solvency of importing countries. USA also restores its positions as key grain export, by proposing competitive prices at the traditional Ukrainian markets.
  • Also, domestic economic and geopolitical transformations of key players of the global grain market increase significantly the risk level for investment in agricultural sector and threaten stability of the main global currencies.
  • Logistic problems (both local and global) are quite vital. For Ukraine, there is a regular problem of gain carriage by railway, being aggravated by the risk of essential decrease of cargo flows via the Sea of Azov ports. Periodic escalation of conflict in the Sea of Azov & Black Sea Region increases risks for shipowners, with a support for freight rates.
  • In order to cope with such challenges (and many other ones), the Ukrainian agricultural market players shall understand mutually all the problems and tasks, as well as shall arrange business and government actions. Governmental reforms in business de-regulation, in general, have been perceived positively, but they are insufficient and require for further system realization.

The Ukrainian agricultural business has proved once more its solvency, by securing the highest production volumes in hard economic conditions, by opening new markets, including such premium ones as Japan, Singapore etc., as well as by strengthening its positions at the EU market and by developing its prospective organic trends. But the global market, being actively developed, requires for qualitative new approaches for implementation of agricultural business, while generation of progressive ideas is possible only in the process of large-scale professional discussions, such as Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa.

Key topics:

- Macroeconomics and geopolitics: 2019 realities

- Global grain market: challenges in 2018/19 MY, expectations for 2019/20 MY

- Cargo carriages by sea: global prospects, today challenges and investments

- Logistics as factor of impact on grain export flows

- In the framework of the Conference: TOP-FACE of grain market and logistics for the first time. 

Awarding of companies that won in the following categories:
I. Opening of new markets — "Over hill and dale"
II. Exotic & Long way "Over hundreds of seas"
III. Organic trade
IV. Information activity — "Openness — road to success"
V. High investment potential

Winners will be defined under the results of independent voting held by market players. See website of the Conference for terms of voting and rules for defining the nominates and Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa in FB

May, 30 - Big Grain&Maritime Dinner

Maristelle Residence Restaurant (2A, Bernardazzi Street)

Sponsors & partners



Basil M. Karatzas

Founder and CEO,
Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co

Vasileios Logothetis

Vice President,
Hellenic Chamber of Shipping

Ilias Mouzakis

Member of the board,
Piraeus Bank

Ruslan Osypenko

Chinese Commerce Association

Paul van Eulem


Oleksandr Sagaydak

Olvia Maritime Ltd

Nikos Marmatsouris

Senior marketing manager,
GAC Shipping SA

William H. Meyers

Emeterius professor,

Martin Benderson

Collective action lead,
Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

Andrei Kupchenko

Analyst, head of the information department,
APK-Inform Agency

Oleg Ustenko

Executive Director,
The Bleyzer Foundation

Dmitry Rudenko

Maritime security consultant

Oleg Onischenko

Technical & Claims Questions Manager, SGS Ukraine

Natalya Skuratovich

Key Account Manager, PETKUS Holding GmdH

Suvra Chakraborty

Director of AMC Overseas FZE

Nataliia Dresviannikova


Ivanna Dorichenko

Managing director at TRADAIDE, international trade expert and commodity arbitrator

Andrejs Radionovs

Managing director, Marine Insurance Services

Ekaterina Gadetskaya

Senior associate, Interlegal

Vitaliy Smilyk

Marketing manager, Aquavita International SA

Maks Sheremet

Chartering and operations Manager, Baywa

Arthur Nitsevych

Partner, Interlegal

Gennadiy Ivanov

Director general, BPG

Bahadir Tonguc

Vice President of the Turkish Shipbroker’s Association

Andrey Lander

Founder & CEO, Codeska

Irina Voyevodina

Partner, Interlegal

Sergey Dzhashytov

Founder & CEO, Searates

Artem Skorobogatov

Partner, Interlegal

Rodion Rybchinskiy

Head of business project unit at APK-Inform Agency, President of the Union "Millers of Ukraine"

Nikolay Melnykov

Partner, Interlegal

Olena Neroba

Head of the analytical department, Marcoрolo Commodities SA

Alexey Remeslo

Associated partner, Interlegal

Stanislav Kovaljov

Head of cargo/logistics insurance, Marine Insurance Services

Viktoria Blazhko

Consultant analyst, Agritel International

Pavel Plotnikov

General Director, UkrTransAgro LLC and UTA Logistic LLC

Alexander Pleve

Director, SOK-Trade

Vladyslav Sedyk

President, Phytosanitary Association of Ukraine

Nikolay Gorbachev

President, UGA

Ivan Myroshnychenko

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament), Member of the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Dimitar Bogov

Regional Lead Economist, EBRD

Organizing committee

Elena Cherednichenko

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