Conference advertising services

Dear market participants!

The organizers propose you to step into the spotlight and use the following advertising services within frames of the conference "Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa".

The target audience of the conference: medium- and large-scale agricultural producers, agricultural crops processors, traders, logistics companies, surveyor companies, producers of crop protection products, material and technical resources, legal, financial and investment structures.

By the aid of the advertising opportunities from APK-Inform Agency, you can widely and easily introduce your company at the conference, offer insights to the delegates into products/services of your company, etc.

We propose you to make aware of the following advertising opportunities:

Placing of advertisement to the conference catalogue *

The catalogue has the form of a brochure, which covers all the necessary information for the conference participants: agenda, list of participants with contacts, market note, etc. The catalogue circulation — 400 copies. Language of the catalogue — Russian/English.

Catalogue advertising charge

Cover page Cost, USD
2,4 350
3 300


Block  Cost, USD
1/1 of the page 270
1/2 of the page 250
Trendy article 270

* Blank space of 15 mm is required from all edges of the page to text or other informational objects
** Blank space of 7 mm is required from all edges of the page to text or other informational objects

Requirements to the advertising blocks are following:

1. The finished advertising blocks are accepted in the following formats:

  • TIFF (300 dpi, bitmapped graphics)
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator, vector graphics)
  • CDR (Corel Draw, vector graphics)
  • EPS with 250-300 dpi resolution (real size) in CMYK colour model
  • Curve types

2. It is necessary to consider the stated advertising block sizes (the size to be confirmed)

3. If Organizer's design department creates the advertising block, the advertising charge increases by 10%

 More options:

Option Cost, USD
Placing of the exhibition place in the lobby nearby the conference-hall (seats are limited) 450
Placing of the company banner nearby the conference-hall 300
Targeted email campaign of information about the company via the list of conference participants 300


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Organizing committee

Elena Cherednichenko

Conference general details, program and promo
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Irina Ozip

Conference general details, advertisement and promo
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Alla Agbash

Odessa Shipping Dinner general details, registration, sponsorship
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