Organizers offer various options for promotion of Your Company at three events during Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa: "17th Conference Grain and Maritime Days in Odessa 2018", "Odessa Shipping Dinner 2018" and football tournament "Odessa Shipping Cup 2018".



Benefits for a Sponsor

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Promotion time

The earlier you sign up for sponsorship the longer your company will be advertised along with the conference advertising campaign via organizer’s and media partners’ opportunities in social networks, mass media and direct mailing. Maximum time of active campaign around 6 month: 5 month before the event and one month after the event.


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Audience width

Three days of active promotion of your company in one city covering totally around 800 key people.


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Industries’ coverage

Your Company will be advertised in several industries: Agriculture, Food processing, International trade, Shipping, Shipbuilding and Shiprepair, Surveying, Ship Brokering, Logistics, Ports and Terminals. Connecting industries.


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Your promotion will work for your company for more than in 36 countries. 


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Audience quality

Only top-managers participate in all events. You will meet and negotiate only with key people.


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You will receive maximum effect for your money.


How to become a sponsor?

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Organizing committee

Elena Cherednichenko
Conference general details, program and promo
+380 562 320795 (ext.200)

Irina Ozip
Conference general details, advertisement and promo
+380 562 320795 (ext.120)

Alla Agbash
Odessa Shipping Dinner Registration & Promo
+380 48 7037510